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About us

Driven by passion for art and music, we build musical instruments and accessories decorated with various artistic techniques, from metallic leaf to oil painting and hand-drawing.

But we also do classic relic nitro finishes, including replicas of famous instruments, like John Mayer’s Black1 and Jimmy Hendrix’s Monterey.

In our creations the musical instrument becomes a work of art through an artisanal, refined and carefully detailed manufacturing.

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Metallic Collection

The Metallic Collection is the emblem of our brand.

A fine metallic leaf, entirely applied by hand with techniques from art restoration, makes every instrument a unique piece.

Create your customized look choosing among three colors of metallic leaf (gold, silver, and copper) and three types of finish (Glossy, Relic and Impressionist).


Classic Collection

For vintage lovers, the Classic Collection is a real blast from the past.

With nitro paints, classic colours and handmade relic finishes (light or heavy), our bodies draw inspiration from the finest vintage pieces.


Special Collection

The Special Collection is the expression of our artistic freedom. Without setting limits to our creativity, we use various techniques, colours and types of finishes.

Each piece is individually painted and hand-finished. We can realise completely customised finishes or drawings starting from your ideas.